Office Cleaning

Why get office cleaning?


How you look to customers is part of how your business works. Part of this is style; part of this is looking slick and clean. This is no substitute for a reliable and efficient business, but you may not attract new customers if you don’t look the part. Make sure everything in your office is at optimum level.


Don’t be fooled; time you spend cleaning is time you could be working on your business. You’ll be better off financially if somebody else is looking after sanitation and dusting. You’ll also derive more personal satisfaction from furthering your company’s development, or pursuing personal interests, than you will from cleaning the same place every day.


The law of entropy says everything will slowly fall into disarray unless maintained; dust and disorder tend to creep up on you. We work after office hours to quietly remove the cleaning problems that otherwise quietly accumulate. There is a lot to be said for coming to a clean office every morning. Coming to an office that is slowly becoming a mess is not going to benefit anybody.


People don’t know every detail unless they dedicate themselves to finding out; there are many sources of contamination, bacteria and unhygienic factors that can accumulate in any office. Failure to recognize these issues means hygiene problems hat slowly accumulate in the background. A clean office means hygienic surroundings, and if that means a few less employee sick day, then you are coming out ahead.


Even if you don’t notice the immediate effects of a clean office space you will notice the effect on your staff. All things being equal a tidy office makes for a more content group of individuals, and that tends to help efficiency. Office cleaning gives you a clean space to operate in, and people either appreciate this when they have it, or resent it when it’s lost.



Wedding Photography


You’ll want to get some perspective here. The wedding day is the event, the wedding photos are your record of the event. You don’t want the photographic process to interfere with the day’s festivities, or compromise it in any way, but as the photos will be lasting for many years to come you will want them to turn out as well as possible.


The best wedding photographer knows how to capture both the photos of the ceremony without getting in the way, sometimes without even being noticed, and how to capture those posed wedding photos of families and guests, hopefully making them look natural in the process. Many of the best wedding photos combine these practices into coherent wedding photography packages.


If you value your special day you would do well to consider wedding videos. Wedding video packages are often added onto the best wedding photography. Having one professional company provide both services can save money, and the best wedding videographer sometimes edit still images into the wedding movies as transitions.

A Little Sharp Advice

All about MJ Acupuncture

Eat before treatment. I prefer a healthy diet all the time, but if you are inclined towards inconsistency try eating well the day of your acupuncture or massage treatment, and the day before if possible. Acupuncture is about the direction of energy; it’s hard to direct the energy if you hardly have any left. Fasting can have some significant benefits in some situations, but don’t fast before an acupuncture treatment.

Be patient after treatment. Don’t exert yourself after a session. Sometime a wound we are looking after feels worse often some acupuncture, but you find it rapidly improved because of what we are doing. What we are trying to do is direct the energy towards the problem; if you direct your energy everywhere else the treatment is less effective.

Drink water afterwards

Avoid any alcohol of drugs for 6 hours after treatment

If you are on any medication, mention it to the acupuncture practitioner. It is usually fine.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

If you are pregnant tell the acupuncture practitioner; a few points are avoided with pregnant women, though they can still receive acupuncture treatments.

All questions about MJ Acupuncture can be asked in advance. We are here to help.

Factors to consider when looking for property

Time spent on any endeavour need to be rewarding in some way. Any time you are not working can be looked at as lost income. Some things, like time with relatives and children are rewarding in their own right; other things should be best looked at as an investment for a future payoff. People can spend considerable time looking for a property to live in, but the importance of the decision justifies the time spent. A property is probably the single most expensive item an individual or family ever purchase; and they will spend a considerable amount of their time there. Even if they don’t live there for the rest of their life they would at least like to have a property with respectable resale value.   Don’t hurry any decision with property hunting. At worst somebody might grab a bargain before you have a chance, but the majority of the time patience will pay off with a decision you should be happy with.

Questions to ask before you start looking

1 Price range- Talk to banks, lending groups, financial planners and others for advice on what you can borrow and afford. Basic, but this needs to be done upfront. Will you be reducing you lifestyle expenses? Do the calculations.

2 Are economic conditions going to change soon? Nobody even knows this for sure, but if you buy when interest rates are high you will be paying a fortune for something that is not worth all that much. It is a nightmare to own more money that your house is worth.

3 Can you live elsewhere and use this as an investment house for a few years? The rent you collect from somebody else living in your property goes a long way to paying it off, and the tax benefits can be good. The main problem is that you have to live somewhere in the meantime. And you might find that you don’t move into the house until you are starting to feel rather old.

Also ask yourself would you be better off buying an apartment instead of a suburban home. Ask yourself how permanent the move is; will you upgrade in a few years’ time? Will the banks accommodate this? If the move definitely is permanent then find if local schools are appropriate for (future) children. What are other facilities like?

Walk around any prospective neighbourhood. Consider:

  • Local transport- Is this something you need?
  • Local film theatres and pubs. Do you frequent these?
  • Traffic conditions. Is there peak hour noise and traffic at some point; can you live with this.
  • Council rates. This does vary per area. Expensive rates might be insignificant if the house is a great buy, but they are a factor to consider.
  • How much parking and storage space do you need?

Unconventional thinkers can be even more radical in their approach. If you have a job that requires you to be constantly away from home, if you have military service or work on a cruise ship, you can do well to buy an investment property and rent it out. You will find that a couple of years of this and you will have paid a sizable portion of the loan.

With Local Reading cinemas, a train station, several older hotels and moderate rates Lidcombe is a housing area worth considering. Talk to One Realty, the best Lidcombe Real estate agent.

Optometrist Sydney – EYE Disorders and Sunlight

Eye disorders such as glaucoma can increase an eye’s sensitivity to light. Medications for treating these disorders, even when aiding vision, can actually make light sensitivity matters worse.

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions involving a damaged optic nerve, and resulting vision impairment. The cause of these conditions is the build-up of fluid pressure in the eye. The pressure in the eye changes over the course of daily living, effected by sleep, exercise, fluid intake, heart rate, respiration, some drugs and alcohol and activities such as playing woodwind instruments. In many case these factors, and caffeine intake, exacerbate pre-existing glaucoma conditions, but have no discernable effect on otherwise healthy patients.

The build-up of eye pressure in glaucoma is due to the blocking of drainage canals. These various types of glaucoma are concerned with different reasons for this blockage. In some cases the iris moves, preventing fluid drainage; in other cases the drainage canals are blocked by particles, such as pigment cells or protein fibres. All cases result in vision loss, sometime gradual, that is irreversible.

Glaucoma is often painless, and only noticed as the field of vision becomes limited. Any change in vision should be immediately reported to an optometrist or Ophthalmologist Regular eye exams should detect glaucoma problems while still in the earliest development stages.

The causes of glaucoma are still not completely understood. Diet does not appear to have any significant influence, though drugs and caffeine exacerbate the condition in those already suffering. Glaucoma is more common in women, and some types of glaucoma are more prevalent in some ethnic groups, though the ailment does exist in all human populations.

The sensitivity that glaucoma suffers experience to UV light can be helped with good quality UV glasses and shade from a hat. Glasses need not be the most expensive type, but they should be certified UV400 or provide UVA and UVB protection.

Many types of glaucoma can be treated with medication and surgery; delaying treatment is very risky. Seek professional help at the first sign of the condition; many individuals with glaucoma receive early treatment and retain effective eyesight for many decades.

Talk to All4eyes, Sydney Optometrists, for an eye exam or any vision concerns.

Japan tours – Oddities

Heated seat in trains, restaurants and bathrooms. There are heaters for shoes.

Extremely Hygienic. Napkins and hot moist towels ate every opportunity.

Shoes taken off indoors, a habit that is slowly making its way to the west.

Tipping is almost unheard of, sometime insulting.

Genders roles are fairly rigid.

Punctuality. Trains leave on time, elevator doors close without warning. Just hurry to be there or you miss out.

By contrast with the punctuality, apparently business decisions involve great reflection. This is never inefficiency, but a reflection on the importance given each decision.

Everything makes the best use of space. Over 120 million people in a very small landmass, so everything is smaller or served double duty.

Most services are expensive, but having luggage shipped was relatively cheap.

Few public trash cans, which is odd to reconcile with the cleanliness of the country. Recycling is quite intricate.

Theft is a very rare thing. You won’t get valuable stolen. Crime is very rare. The odd theft is reported in the popular news, but usually it is some crazy fetish; nothing of value is stolen.

Taxis are expensive; trains are less expensive but a little better with a weekly pass. Train stations and diagrams often lack any symbols useful to foreign travellers.

Maps are different in Tokyo, especially for train stations. Instead of naming streets the maps name the blocks; the Japanese seem to have a different way of representing the world. Addresses are by district number, block number, and building number according to age. Streets are just the space between the block.

Japan is not multicultural. 98% of people are ethnic Japanese; most of the remainder are Korean and Chinese. In such a homogeneous society individuals are expected to understand the traditions and rules.

If you want to save money you need to do a lot of internet research beforehand.

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A few cleaning hacks

Though your grandparents wouldn’t have used the term ‘hack’ they probably knew a few ‘tricks of the trade’ or ‘insider’s secrets’ as they were once termed. A hack is that particular method of solving a particular problem in an efficient and effective way. A few home and office cleaning ideas from our Sydney readers are included below.

CLEANING GAS COOKTOP: Remove Knobs and soak in soapy/detergent water. Anything removable from the cooker can be cleaned in this way. Vacuum the cooktops surface to remove loose crumbs and then the surface with a cloth dampened in water and detergent. Make sure the cloth is only damp as water flowing into the mechanism is an issue. Lastly, clean the grates with baking soda sprinkled directly on the grates; mix kosher salt and baking soda if necessary.
If the grates are particularly hard to clean, put them in a plastic bag overnight with some ammonia.

CRUMBS IN CORNERS: If the vacuum doesn’t reach, use masking tape.

SOAP SCUM ON TILES: Use Liquid shower gel.

CLEAN BLENDERS: Blend soap and water.

TOYS: Many, but not all, can go through the dishwasher. Proceed with caution, however, as a few plastics will melt.

COFFEEMAKER: Equal parts vinegar and water can clean a coffeemaker. Check the instruction first. Always flush out with water afterwards.

FOOD ON DISHES: Soak a dryer sheet in a dirty dish overnight.
AIR VENTS. Glue some cloth onto a paddle pop stick or old chopstick, and then use it to clean the vents.

WOODEN KITCHEN CABINETS: Mix Vegetable oil and baking soda to get gunk off a wooden kitchen surface.

DRY PAINT ON CLOTHES: A disposable razor can remove some paint stains; also removes piling.

GREASE ON CLOTHING: Chalk with remove some grease stains.

LEATHER: Shoe polish can remove discolouration from worn leather. Finding the right colour polish is a trick, but application is the same as cleaning shoes.

WORN SHOES: If polish isn’t covering up the wear marks, try spraying the shoes with methylated spirits, applying polish liberally, and leave in the Sun for a few hours. Then polish as usual.

NAIL POLISH ON CARPET/CLOTH: Rubbing alcohol and a microfiber will remove most nail polish.

CHEESE GRATER: Grate a raw potato, then wash as normal. The cheese will come lose.

PET HAIR: Use a Squeegee

LIPSTICK: Try hairspray. Wait 10 minutes and dap with a damp cloth.


AIR EXTRACTORS AND FANS:Use a can of compressed air. As blocked extractors can be a fire hazard we recommend regular cleaning.

For Home cleaning have separate cleaning equipment for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Label if you have to, but do this to avoid cross-contamination. This works for kitchens in Office cleaning too.

For home, office or strata cleaning call AAA Cleaning, Sydney.