Decal, for an image that is part of the surface

A really great way to redesign wall menus, print brand logos at a cheap price is to use decal products. It lasts longer than stickers and when needing to replace it, decals can be peeled off instead of buying a new sign. When done well, to the human eye it will appear as if the design has been painted on. A fantastic way for businesses to display material. Dr Decal Mr Hyde is a leading distributor of digital printing decal and temporary tattoo products in Australia. They claim that their products can be applied on many surfaces with the highest quality. For wood products, their new roll waterslide decals allow for easy generation of images and can be easily applied to most surfaces. Their website contains sections of their access to specialised decals and they are very transparent of the whole process. Decals are also a great present to give to friends for any item of clothing or toys. I would say to definitely have a look at Dr Decal Mr Hyde for all your design and promotion needs.


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