Air Purifiers are used to improve indoor air quality by filtering out dust, smoke, bacteria and pollen. This will solve issues of pet allergies, allergies to dust by cleaning the air. An energy efficient, cost saving air purifier manufacturer in the market at the moment is Clair. With their new innovative e2F technology, their filter collects particles smaller than 0.3 microns (typically not caught by regular HEPA filters). Compared to other bestselling products on the market, their air purifiers are quieter and more energy saving. Their filter replacement lasts for 1 year and only requires vacuuming the top portion of the filter when cleaning; other filters require up to 3 replacements over a span of 1 year. The designs of Clair air purifiers are intuitive and easy to use, which can be adaptable to any house colour scheme. On the Go Clair website, there is research on Air Purifiers with photos to show the results of different cases and the effectiveness of the air purifier.


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