James An Ryde

Choosing the right tutoring college will distinguish the diligent students from the mediocre. James An Ryde prepares its students (Kindergarten to Year 12) for any objectives that they want to meet. James An Ryde caters for students living around Gladesville, Rhodes and of course, Ryde. For primary school students studying for the opportunity class (OC), all classes are designed to be small and have well-constructed workbooks compiled for James An students only. James An Ryde also conducts MEGA tests (Maths, English, General Ability) during week 13 for OC students to assess what they have learnt; what they have done well and areas of improvement. Also offered, are several tuition enhancement courses during the holidays to prepare students for selective schools.

Over the past 20 years James An Ryde has produced top HSC Honour Roll students in selective schools. This is a testament to the working formula of James An’s tutoring methods. As todays ATAR to get into universities are based on competition and rank, it is important to select the right tutoring college to give children a good grounding on all subjects. Tutoring makes it easier on the child when studying and good results will give them the peace of mind that they deserve.


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