Strata cleaning services

Why residents use strata cleaning services?

Because of the sheer size of strata buildings the maintaining of a consistently clean environment is a challenge. Professional cleaners are almost always used to solve this.

Lobbies and hallways are the thoroughfare of every resident, yet the cleaning responsibility of none. They are highly prone to dirt, so for hygiene and safety reasons they must be regularly cleaned by professional staff.

Stairwells also receive their fair share of thoroughfare, thought this obviously depends on the availability of elevators. Even so, cleanliness is essential, especially as any spills on stairs are an extreme safety hazard.

Elevators are enclosed spaces used by almost all residents, concentrating contaminants in one spot, creating breeding grounds for germs and other harmful organisms. Failure to clean control panels on elevators can cause the spread of various illnesses. The rest of the elevator surface can also be an issue and requires regular cleaning.

Driveways and parking spaces receive their own form of human and automobile traffic. Fuel spills and fluid leaks are rare but serious. General dirt and other issues are more common, and cleaning parking lots prevent more dirt from being tracked inside the building. Object such as broken glass and other things that threaten car tyres are an occasional but obvious threat.

Gardens are more an aesthetic issue than a hygiene or safety problem. The buildings appearance is very much tied to the grounds and foliage. It is only right to keep this aspect of the building complex properly in order. Weeding trimming and mowing are all part of the general maintenance.

Strata cleaning services maintain all the aspects of strata living not covered by the residents but usually looked after by the owners.
For Apartment or strata cleaning in Sydney we recommend AAA cleaning.


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