The JSA Tour

The Joint Security Area Tour (JSA tour) is different to the DMZ tour. As they both cover similar areas they are often undertaken on the same journey.

The JSA tour focuses on the northern most part of South Korea, which meets the southernmost part of North Korea. This is technically an active warzone, where neither side of Korea has jurisdiction.

The JSA tour concentrates on the 800 metre square location where the 1953 armistice agreement was signed. Presently controlled by United Nations and North Korean forces this area was one neutral ground for both sides of Korea, designated as a place where both sides could meet. After the murder of two American military personnel in 1976 further dividing lines were imposed, preventing military access to some parts of the area.

The JSA has several building of historical importance, including freedom house. Several of these buildings extend equally into North and South Korea. Tourists may enter and exit a building by the Southern doors, but cannot exit by the northern doors as these lead to North Korea.

The Bridge of no return crosses the line between North and South Korea. It was previously used for prisoner exchanges between the two sides. Its name comes from the policy that would not allow North Korean prisoners who crossed the bridge to ever return to South Korea. The site appears briefly near the beginning of the James Bond Film Die Another Day.

The JSA tour requires all visitors to have current passports, and all individuals must sign a document that acknowledges the possibility of serious or fatal injury from possible military action.

By law all tourists must wear neat clothing that completely covers arms and legs.


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