Essay writing principles

Essay writing has been a part of education for countless generations. Like language in general it applies to so many parts of our life that it is hard to imagine any area not touched by it. Yet for all its history and tradition of use there are some aspects of essay writing that change over time, just as there are some foundational principles that never seem to age.

Clarity might seem an obvious goal these days, but it was not always so. Flamboyant writing was once the fashion, a tradition that continues with many of today’s sensationalized tabloids. It doesn’t take much to realize that this tends to cover up a lack of information and insight; sensationalism tends to be half-truths with minimal structure. Once we might have seen this as style over substance, but these days even the style isn’t very well regarded. For one thing the flamboyant style says the same regardless of the content. By contrast, good writing uses its style to carry the content more effectively. If it seems a little straightforward at times it’s because the writer is actually matching things up effectively. We don’t appreciate neatness until we see the contrasting entropy. We don’t notice the editing in a film till the scenes seem disjointed. Likewise, good writing only seems easy. We don’t see the effort or skill behind it.

The method of introducing a topic, discussing it in the body of an essay, and then providing a conclusion largely goes unquestioned except by a few linguists and philosophers. It’s because it was never an arbitrary convention, but a structure that reflects how humans think. Our lives are not as neat and structured as a book or film, but our recollections, autobiographies and histories of those same lives are structured in a way that makes sense to us. There might be some inaccuracy in the brevity of it all- the history of the hundred year war cannot take a hundred years to read – but without structure we are left at least a little confused. There is as much stripping away of the less essential as there is in ascertaining the relevant information when it comes to producing a good film, diary entry or essay. The right facts are in the appropriate structure.

Writing has a principle that carries over to other areas, one that falls between art and craft. Websites are made to be simple, easy and effective for people who visit them, not necessarily for the people who create them. Films are designed for direct intelligibility for the viewer, not for the writers and editors who structure them into such easy to understand forms. Likewise, essays are written for the reader, and are meant to be straightforward for the reader. It takes a lot for a writer to get a huge tangle of information into such a succinct final form.

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Strata cleaning services

Why residents use strata cleaning services?

Because of the sheer size of strata buildings the maintaining of a consistently clean environment is a challenge. Professional cleaners are almost always used to solve this.

Lobbies and hallways are the thoroughfare of every resident, yet the cleaning responsibility of none. They are highly prone to dirt, so for hygiene and safety reasons they must be regularly cleaned by professional staff.

Stairwells also receive their fair share of thoroughfare, thought this obviously depends on the availability of elevators. Even so, cleanliness is essential, especially as any spills on stairs are an extreme safety hazard.

Elevators are enclosed spaces used by almost all residents, concentrating contaminants in one spot, creating breeding grounds for germs and other harmful organisms. Failure to clean control panels on elevators can cause the spread of various illnesses. The rest of the elevator surface can also be an issue and requires regular cleaning.

Driveways and parking spaces receive their own form of human and automobile traffic. Fuel spills and fluid leaks are rare but serious. General dirt and other issues are more common, and cleaning parking lots prevent more dirt from being tracked inside the building. Object such as broken glass and other things that threaten car tyres are an occasional but obvious threat.

Gardens are more an aesthetic issue than a hygiene or safety problem. The buildings appearance is very much tied to the grounds and foliage. It is only right to keep this aspect of the building complex properly in order. Weeding trimming and mowing are all part of the general maintenance.

Strata cleaning services maintain all the aspects of strata living not covered by the residents but usually looked after by the owners.
For Apartment or strata cleaning in Sydney we recommend AAA cleaning.

The JSA Tour

The Joint Security Area Tour (JSA tour) is different to the DMZ tour. As they both cover similar areas they are often undertaken on the same journey.

The JSA tour focuses on the northern most part of South Korea, which meets the southernmost part of North Korea. This is technically an active warzone, where neither side of Korea has jurisdiction.

The JSA tour concentrates on the 800 metre square location where the 1953 armistice agreement was signed. Presently controlled by United Nations and North Korean forces this area was one neutral ground for both sides of Korea, designated as a place where both sides could meet. After the murder of two American military personnel in 1976 further dividing lines were imposed, preventing military access to some parts of the area.

The JSA has several building of historical importance, including freedom house. Several of these buildings extend equally into North and South Korea. Tourists may enter and exit a building by the Southern doors, but cannot exit by the northern doors as these lead to North Korea.

The Bridge of no return crosses the line between North and South Korea. It was previously used for prisoner exchanges between the two sides. Its name comes from the policy that would not allow North Korean prisoners who crossed the bridge to ever return to South Korea. The site appears briefly near the beginning of the James Bond Film Die Another Day.

The JSA tour requires all visitors to have current passports, and all individuals must sign a document that acknowledges the possibility of serious or fatal injury from possible military action.

By law all tourists must wear neat clothing that completely covers arms and legs.

Dentists Sydney

Types of Dentists

  • Endodontics: Specialize in the dental pulp inside the tooth and root canal therapy.
  • Maxillofacial: Deals with extractions, implants and some facial misalignments.
  • Periodontology: Studies and treats problems with the gums and some implants.
  • Paediatric Dentistry: Simply dentistry for young children.
  • Prosthodontics: Deals with dentures and dental bridges.
  • Dental Epidemiology: The study of health problems in the general population causes and patterns.
  • Orthodontist: Works with braces and alignment of teeth and jaws.
  • Oral Pathology: Disorders that affect the mouth
  • Public Health Dentistry: Inform and advise the community on problems and preventative techniques for teeth and mouth issues

The various types of dentistry overlap, and it is not unusual for a dentist to be qualified in more than one type of dentistry.

Sydney dentists at Dental Focus can address every type of regular dental care.