European Brake Pads Distributor

European cars are notorious for brake pads that wear our quickly, leave dust on the car, and require frequent replacement; a consequence of their smooth operation. This contributes to the reputation that European cars have for high maintenance.

In recent years changing technology has made it possible for brake pads to be made from ceramic materials. There ceramic brake pads are longer lasting than devices made from most other materials, and have little or no problem with leaving dust. Previously the only material capable of this type of long term performance and reliability was asbestos, which has been discontinued due to possible health risks. New ceramic materials provide the best of all possibilities under almost all types of daily use.

European model cars can be fitted with new brake pads specifically designed for a specific model of car. This allows reliable and safe performance with less frequent maintenance and component replacement, reducing the running cost of the car.

A European Brake pads distributor can recommend and supply the best possible option for any make of European car.


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