Security Doors

It’s hard to know which aspect of security doors to promote first, the safety they provide from criminal elements, or the advantages they provide for letting the light and fresh air in. Really, their appeal lies in the fact they can do both at once.

When criminals do try to enter a residence they use a doorway about two thirds of the time. Laminated doors provide little protection against this. Solid wooden doors are far more effective, but steel edged doors provided the best protection of all, outperforming the more general quality doors by seven to one.

Quality metal security doors are light weight, offer protection against breaking and entering that is at least as good as any other door, and allow air and light in while still keeping insects out.

A well designed door also includes a well-designed door-frame. It is of little use to have a solid door if the potential burglars can enter by breaking the surrounding frame. Well-designed door systems include a deadbolt that enters the solid materials of the house itself, and screws that also attach to the main frame of the house. When set up correctly the security door can be as secure as the main walls of the house it occupies.

Security doors measure can also be applied to windows. This is a less risky area when it comes to break-ins, but if residents want complete protection, especially with larger windows, then steel mesh window frames prove to be near impenetrable.



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