Eyelash Extension Supplies

The supplies for eyelash extensions consists of a lot of small items that must be applied or utilized carefully. It is never cost effective to source these from multiple suppliers as the postage and delivery costs would outweigh the cost of the individual items. A single supplier for all eyelash extension products makes more sense.

The actual extensions are most popular in mink and silk, with single, double or triple lashes. Lashes can be ordered pre-fanned or in large qualities in a more compact form. The curl of the lashes is variable, as is the thickness (0.15 mm to 0.25mm) and length (up to 16mm).

Mascara wands are one of the most used items for natural eyelashes and artificial ones. Natural eyelashes use them for the actual purpose of applying mascara; artificial eyelashes benefit from the use of mascara wands to keep the lashes neat and tidy. A fairly cheap item, even with a higher quality product, a mascara wand tends to last for a considerable amount of time. They are more often lost than worn out.

Lash Primer is used to clean the eyelid area before applying any new products. For only a few dollars, for a bottle that lasts for many applications, lash primer is a sound investment as it makes the most of your artificial eyelash products.

Under Eye collagen gel patches isolate the lashes on the lower eyelid. This is a safe and more comfortable way to treat the lashes, and has the added benefit of applying Collagen and Arbutin to the skin, a useful anti-aging and beauty treatment.

Tweezers come in several varieties. Even technicians who prefer and mostly use one type generally buy several variations; the situations where they are needed will frequently occur. As something used with every eyelash application a set of tweezers is a sound investment.

Glue is essential for attaching artificial eyelashes. 5 second glue is specifically designed for eyelash application. It is suitably strong and, more importantly, appropriately fast bonding. Irritaton and allergic reaction are rare with this type or product. Lashes will stay attached for several week – as long as the base lash is attached.

Micro brushes are essential for lash application. Disposable, cheap and bought in bulk there is no reason not to stock up and keep a plentiful supply.

Heated eyelash curlers are great for applying a curl to straight lashes. Straight lashes look ordinary and can also hang low enough to interfere with eyesight

A stone or crystal pallet is used to keep you glue handy while you apply the lashes. It helps considerably by keeping the glue cool.

FaceTouch eyelash extension supplies work to keep you economically stocked with dependable and high quality products.


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