Tour Ideas


Sights to see in North Korea.

Tours are conducted in groups of eight to eighteen people, though a dozen is the most common.

The Arch Of triumph – on Moran Hill in Pyongyang, North Korean capital. Built to commemorate the return of President Kim II Sung in 1982. It is modelled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but at 60 metres it is actually larger. It has 25 500 blocks of white granite, corresponding to the number of days in a life of 70 years, the president’s age at the time.

Grand Monument on Mansu Hill – a series of monuments in Pyongyang. There are two statues, 22 meters tall, of Kim II-Sung and Kim Jong-il, and monuments to the socialist revolution and other important historical event of the 20th century. A museum dedicated to the revolution also adjoins the area. Visitors are expected to pay their respects to the statues. A water park was recently added to the Mansu Hill area.

The Demilitarized Zone – The most heavily guarded area in the world, this demilitarized Zone was created as a 4km wide strip of land separating the North and South parts of Korea. Front Line Tours here are conducted by a North Korean military officer.

Folk village of Sariwon – Shows much of the history of the Korean peninsula, both through relics, ruins, re-creations and maps. Local residents provide bars and gaming attraction that are open to tourists.

Mt. MYOHYANG – A 62 square mile national park with many unique and protected wildlife species. It is also the site of the International friendship exhibition, a museum dedicated to gift given to the leaders of North Korea. These gifts vary from a bullet proof car to items from popular culture. Local believe this shows the admiration afforded their countries leaders.

Mt. Paektu – Korea’s tallest mountain, which features the Heaven Lake in a crater at the top. Views of the crater are one of the better known images of Nort Korea. Located on the boarder to china the area has been the subject of some dispute.