The alternatives to curtains

Blinds can put aesthetics first, and still be highly functional. Curtains are effective, and of course you can colour coordinate them; but roller blinds can put the picture first, print whatever design you want, allowing you to design around your room’s established pattern or choose a blind to set the pattern for the rest of the room.

Roller blinds have much less trouble being blown about by the wind than curtains.
Blinds can block out light when needed and still allow circulation of the air. Keep fresh air and remove the UV that causes sunburn. Alternatively you can get a blind material that allows a certain amount of light through. Opaque blinds provide privacy, but prevent UV light from interfering with your house.
Roller blinds are super easy to clean, no washing like curtains. Blinds are much less likely to soak up any odours.

It is possible to have two blinds in the one bracket system, providing a choice of options.

Blinds can be motorised, or have a simple, low maintenance manual operation. Motorised blinds can be put on a timer, so somebody looks to be home to discourage the thieves.

When inside the bracket roller blinds take up very little space, and are almost unnoticeable.

If you change blinds between summer and winter seasons the storage and re-installation of the blind is super convenient.


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