Mobile Phones !

Chromecast allows one to display their mobile display screen on a television screen. This can already be done on Apple TV’s or a few other devices, but the Chromecast is dirt cheap at less than $50 dollars, and is easy to add onto whatever system you already have. Physically the Chromecast looks like 7cm worth of USB memory stick with a HDMI connector that plugs into a HD television or display. It needs power from a USB port, but otherwise it simply transfers the display from the mobile to the TV via WiFi, and even automatically switches the TV to the correct input. Its appeal is in its simplicity of use; it’s like plugging a in cable and getting on with business. Initially there were only a small number of Apps available, but this is rapidly changing; and if you just want to transfer the display from a Google chrome browser to the TV screen you don’t really need to add anything else to the system.

There are rival systems, which is usually good for driving down prices; but Chromecast is already so inexpensive there is a risk that customers will underestimate it capabilities and see it as the ‘cheap’ option. It really isn’t. Think of it as a connector to link between devices rather than a device in isolation. Want to watch you tube on the television? Just use this chromecast..

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