Enhancing Coffee

Particularly good in cold weather, preferably consumed indoors. After dinner, after a day skiing, possibly before bed if you prefer a de-caffeinated coffee.

Espresso Martini: One ounce of chilled espresso coffee with One and a half ounces of vodka or gin. Shake in an ice-filled cocktail shaker and serve.

Chocolate Mocha Latte: I part espresso, I part Kahlua, 2 parts skim milk and a few tablespoons of light chocolate syrup. Serve over ice.

Jamaican Coffee: mix 4/4 of an ounce of rum and ¾ an ounce of Kahlua with freshly brewed coffee. Add some whipped cream and perhaps some chocolate.

Hot White Russian: Mix hot coffee with one quarter parts cream, Kahlua and one eights part Vodka. Moderately eat in a saucepan and stir. Serve in a preheated mug, decorate with cream and perhaps grated chocolate.

Irish coffee: Usually just two tablespoons of Baileys with coffee, maybe with whipped cream and sugar; but if these classic ingredients aren’t enough you can add a Tablespoon of brandy, whisky and Cointreau.

Else mix Vodka infused coffee with caramel or chocolate sauce and garnish with whipped cream.

(Alcohol should not be consumed before exposure to cold conditions. It is best served when warming up afterwards.)

Thanks to Just Liquor Cellars for the blog post. For an online liquor store, feel free to visit Just Liquor Cellars.


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