Child Safety

Blinds are often designed for convenience; they are also designed to be safe. Being different to sliding doors and windows blinds don’t threaten to crush fingers or cut anybody with broken glass. But blinds have strict safety standards to prevent other hazards such a choking.

Cords are a potential threat for children to choke on, but there are several ways to avoid life-threatening problems.

  1. Keep the cords well out of reach of children
  2. Safety kits are available that loop the cord around a hook several feet above the child’s reach
  3. Or a cord can simply be made short when installed
  4. Some cords are designed to break easily, so they will break under a child’s weight rather than catch round their neck
  5. Motorised blinds or wand controls are other safe alternatives
  6. A child’s bed should not be so near a blind that the child can get caught on a cord. Remember that a bed effectively allows a child to reach higher, and cords must stay out of reach. Beds should be positioned away from blinds.
  7. Similarly, chairs, furniture or toys that the child can climb on should net be in a position that allow the child to reach the blind or its cord

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