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Packing Tips

Take what you need. I cannot remember a single trip where I didn’t take a least one thing that I never used. But the alternative seemed worse, being unable to go somewhere because there was nothing appropriate. You probably won’t need three of most items, but you might well need something that you could wear to a formal restaurant, and something to go hiking in; and these are unlikely to be the same thing. But most of the time a vacation calls for the comfortable and familiar cloths that can be worn most places. This may just mean two pairs of pants and a few shirts for most of the time. And if it wasn’t for the fact you need to wash them periodically you could make do with one.

How do we avoid the last minute packing situation, without becoming compulsive list makers? Trying leaving the suitcase open for a week before the trip, and divide up your laundry as it comes back from drying. Put what you need in the luggage and make a note of what you have yet to pack. Remember, you will be wearing a set of cloths when you leave, so packing one alternative set may be the main thing in your luggage.

You can avoid some incidents by buying items especially for the trip. Reject shop sell packets of socks for a few dollars. Buy half a dozen pairs and use them for the duration of the holiday. If they are all identical socks you need not worry about losing one and ending up with odd pairs. At the end of the vacation you can put them in a charity clothing bin.

Reject shops also stock cheap and useful items like plastic binoculars, torches, portable laundry lines, power adapters …etc. Buy these for the holiday and don’t worry if you lose them, as they didn’t cost much to begin with. The same goes for pocket sized tubes of sunscreen or small medical kits.

Take one warm jacket, even if you’re going to the beach. Probably best to wear it rather than pack it. Aircraft, buses and other transport do get cold from time to time, and even the hottest destinations have the occasional night chill. Even if you end up carrying the warm coat it’s only minor hassle and you can always store it with your hand luggage on most transport.

Take a hat. It is vital in sunny weather to avoid sunburn, and useful in cold weather to help stay warm. Carrying it on your head is hardly an inconvenience at all. The same goes for a decent pair of sunglasses.

We tend to bring back more than we take; souvenirs tend to accumulate. Leave room for this, or plan on those disposable items that you can leave behind. At worst you can buy a cheap extra suitcase at the destination.

Airlines have rules for carry-on luggage that forbid larger amounts of liquid or anything even remotely sharp. Buy small containers for toiletries (the reject shop again) and keep them (along with pocket knives or scissors) with check in luggage. Alternately, many hotels provide small portions of shampoo, moisturiser …etc. as part of their service.

Use a shuttle bus for transport. A lightly packed traveler will have more than enough room for their luggage; a heavy packer will have the benefit of the driver to help them moved their baggage. But remember that the airlines have their own luggage restrictions. Shuttle buses are more accommodating than the aircraft will be, though the distinction here is that aircraft restrict by weight, where as the only realistic restriction for a shuttle bus is physical bulk. Nonetheless anything that the airport allows in weight should be easily accommodated by an airport shuttle bus.

Tips provided by Anytime Shuttle – Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus Services.

For more information, head over to their website or give them a call.


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