Luna Deco

Luna Deco – Wallpaper, Roller Blinds Perth & Interior Design Perth

Luna Deco first started as a Perth based architectural materials design company back in 2007. They produce unique and individual wall, blind and door designs that have been implemented in various architectural sites in the home and abroad.

Luna Deco collaborate with many artistic photographers and designers to create many interior designs. They have up to 2000 different products for you to choose from. If you are unsure about their products, feel free to visit their website or their show room and check their products out.

Services and Products


Luna Deco is a unique designing business which allows you to customise your own wallpaper/roller blind/art door by adding specialised words, logos and photos. You can also customise the colour of your design, whether you want it black or white. How you want your wallpaper, is totally up to you.

Roller Blinds

Their roller blinds are easily customisable according to a customer’s liking, made to fit the whole image to the size of the window. These blinds are both stylish and functional, they offer a vast catalog of roller blind designs which feature famous places such as New York City, Santorini as well as many beautiful landscapes, nature, modern art, child designs and many famous paintings (Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet).

Art Doors

The art doors are specialised designs which can be easily attached to doors. They are adhesive so they can be easily affixed with rear vinyl cover removed. They add a very nice and neat look to your doors, these art doors are created with a special coating. The special coating makes it stain proof, scratch resistant and gloss resistant.

To view more products by Luna Deco, feel free to check out their website. They offer many different designs and custom printing services.

If you want to see their products, head over to their website or send them an email via

If you have previously worked with Luna Deco, feel free to leave them a review or a testimonial at their TrueLocal page

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